The BDI SYSTECH 3D-I and 3D-II stereo vision people counting sensor uses stereo vision analytics to provide highly accurate (accuracy>98%) anonymous information about how people move into, around and out of physical places such as stores. BDI TECH 3D integrates real-time data capture and behavior analytics to provide a wide range of traffic, queue, service, other behavior metrics. Used by retailers, mall operators, entertainment venues, stadiums, libraries, Expo & Event centers, transportation facilities, healthcare facilities, tourist attractions and others to improve customer service, optimize labor and increase revenues.


BDI TECH 3D stereo vision people counting sensor (camera)

It accurately collects metrics across a broad set of environments including indoor/outdoor and high traffic areas. It is suitable for both of Recessed mounting and  Surface mounting. It processes the 3D stereo images in the device itself, no special PC is required in the store or location.Flash memory stores configuration settings and up to 2 years’ data. Data packaged in XML/TXT packages can be delivered over TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS protocol, FTP/FTPS or daily email.


Integrating stereo video vision capture and analytics processing at the edge in a purpose-built device reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for additional computers or bandwidth

BDI TECH 3D-I is designed for indoor application and 3D-II is for outdoors. 

It can analysis, identify and count precisely and get rid of the affect of light, colors of carpet and floor tile and the white-haired, the bald or the shaved, the man wearing hat and the man pulling a suitcase etc.




  ♦Captures in-depth behavior intelligence
  ♦Dim or bright lighting, indoors/outdoor environment
  ♦Simple, manageable, all-in-one architecture
  ♦Height filtering to exclude children
  ♦IP addressable, enabling remote management and upgrades
  ♦No additional in-store device and-PC required for data collection and delivery
  ♦Easy, unobtrusive, overhead mounting

 ♦Flash memory stores configuration settings and up to 2 years’ data
 ♦Real-time data collection and delivery
 ♦Data packaged in TXT packets and delivered over FTP
 ♦API for fast software integration
 ♦Plug-in architecture
 ♦Plug-and play configuration