About the People Counter or People Counting Sensor

People Counter or People Counting Sensor also called CCTV people counting camera, traffic counter, people counting system, traffic counting sensor, footfall counting system, footfall counter, visitor counter, pedestrian counter and retails analytics and so on.

History & Types of People Counter / People counting Sensor

Manual people counter

The earliest, but higher cost, Inaccurate, Lower efficiency

Thermal type people counting sensor/ footfall counter

IR based people counting sensor,

Thermal & IR type people counting sensor / footfall counting system

Privacy, cost relative low, while Accuracy not very desirable, and easily impacted by the surrounding environment, not visible

WiFi / BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) bounded by WiFi / BLE enabled.

Video based people counting camera, people counter, and more accuracy

2D monocular, 3D binocular, 4D type or 3D+ (3D+TOF)

2D monocular

Entry level; but With Acceptable higher accuracy 95%~98.5%; 

Very low cost of ownership,

Be born for large-scale commercialized deploying.

3D binocular

Very High accuracy 98~99%, higher costs,

Separate children from Adults

Distinguish shopping carts from human beings; Heat map

4D or 3D+ (3D+TOF) Time of Flight

The most accuracy and the highest costs with the most advanced technology, >99%