BDI (BizDataInsight) TECH 2D & 3D video-based people counting sYSTEMS

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The state-of-the-art computer vision & the characteristics of image recognition and analysis technology and innovative algorithms and Powerful industrial-grade dual-core CPU/VPU, Operation more stable, Longer Durability.

More Reliable & robust traffic counting.  Accuracy >98%. Lower cost of owner ship; maximize yours and your customers’ ROI.

1, How does our people counting camera/sensor work accurately ?

Features of Device

Description and illustration
The following image shows the user debugging interface of BDI 3D people counting camera system. There are 2 3D gray-scale images delivered from 2 HD camera compose its analysis imaging units. The device not only analyzes the width and thickness of human body but also the height. Therefore it can analysis, identify and count precisely and get rid of the affect of light, colors of carpet and floor tile and the white-haired, the bald or the shaved, the man wearing hat and the man pulling a suitcase etc.

1st  and 2nd are the camera pictures; 3rd and 4th are the 3D gray-scale images.

Principle: Video signal acquisition-Identify and Analysis algorithm-3D stereo video imaging-Counting

Functions and Advantages
◆ Core Advantages: 3D binocular stereo vision + embedded advanced analysis algorithm.
◆ High Accuracy: 3D stereo image information acquisition, analysis and identify; Bidirectional people counting; Accuracy ≥98%. Excellent performance and reliability.
◆ East to install: All-in-one device; Aesthetics design; PoE connecting.
◆ 3D stereo analysis, not affected by light, colors of carpet and floor tile; and be competent to high density traffic flow
◆ Precise count the white-haired, the bald or the shaved, the man wearing hat and the man pulling a suitcase etc.
◆ Self data storage and recovery function; data storage up to max 2 years’.