Case studies

Explore more on how BDI TECH people counting systems meet the operators data needs and improve their operations and management… … .

ZZ E6 is large shopping mall, which focus on children experimental shopping. There are 6 stories on the ground and 2 underground. Taking the children education, training, and children entertainment and derivative consumption as core and combining with shopping, food and beverage, entertainment, sports etc., … … 

BDI TECH helps ZZ E6 to build a sound people counting system, … ….

Hi’Ning is a comprehensive shopping mall, which include supermarket, entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, luxury cinema etc. The operation category is complete and function facility is sound.

BDI TECH helps Hi’Ning to construct a complete and effective people counting system to achieve a real-time, accurate and full range of visitors detecting, counting and visitors traffic analyzing… .Integrated with POS … ….

LAFAYEE, a high-end women’s clothing brand, with the superior fabric and superb craftsmanship, highlight the idea of quality, comfortable, intellectuality and the passion of aspire and exploration. More and more branches open up in China, such as Shanghai branch, Nanjing branch, Tianjin branch, and Beijing branch etc.

Let us explore how BDI TECH helps LAFAYEE to obtain their store traffic and improve their operation … … .

HSTY scenic area, located west Shenzhen, is AAAA level agriculture tourism experimental scenic area. There are sightseeing, countryside gourmet, business meeting and training and accommodation and science education. It is very significant and is very popular with public for their daily entertainment, holiday, and business activities. But it is not easily and fast to know how many tourists in/out; how many still in; where they are; and the operator could not align their staff and resources effectively according to the traffic changes and trends.

BDI TECH helps them to build a complete people/visitor counting system to improve their operation and management and improve the area tourist experience. Explore more … ….

HT Stadium, located at Develpmt Zone west Huihua, closed to central commercial area and convenient transportation, buildings cover 16,000m2, is a large and modern stadium. It contains a 20,000 seats open-air stadium, indoor stadiums with a total 3018 seats, basketball arenas, tens court, multi-functional building, car parks etc. It is designed for sports, expo and other events.

BDI TECH people counting system helps them to realize better resource allocation and uses, safety guide and crowd control and advertising … …. How we make it? Explore more … … .

Zhong-Ying Street Museum located in Shenzhen, with buildings total cover a 1688m2 is a thematic geography historical museum. It records and reappears century’s vicissitudes of the nation. It is important for visiting and education.

BDI TECH people / visitors counting system helps the operator to know well the number of visitors, the changes and trends of the visitors traffic then achieved a better resources and staff aligning, safety guiding and crowd control. Learn more about what and how … ….

BDI TECH 3D TS passengers flow statistical system helps Jiangxi Ruilian bus company to realize real-time and accurate passengers flow statistic and monitor. So to achieve a scientific vehicle monitoring, dispatching, line planning, operations and improve safety and passenger service and business benefits. 
Exhibition, expo center usually includes parking lots, exhibition halls, rest areas, dining areas, security staff and other related functional facilities and areas. It is very import to know the number of visitors of each area, and the changes and trends for the expo and event operator.

BDI TECH helps Expo & Event operators to analysis and to know well of these visitors traffic information at real-time and accurately . and help them to improve their operations, service business benefit greatly. How we make it? Explore more … ….