BDI TECH People Counting System for Retail Chain Stores_LAFAYEE

LAFAYEE, a high-end women’s clothing brand, with the superior fabric and superb craftsmanship highlight the idea of quality, comfortable, intellectuality and the passion of aspire and exploration. More and more branches open up in China, such as Shanghai branch, Nanjing branch, Tianjin branch, and Beijing branch etc.

BDI TECH helps LAFAYEE to achieve a real-time and comprehensive store visitors traffic counting and analyzing by overhead deploying BDI 3D stereo sensors at the entrances and the aisles, where the stores located. Installation method includes both of surface mounted and recessed mounting as per the requirements of each store. All of the visitors counting information of each branch stores will be uploaded to the people counting software server in head office via internet. The people counting software will carry out a real-time data summary and analysis and the analysis results will be presented in professional, multidimensional and diversified statistic statements/reports. It can provide as many as dozens of statements/reports for the operators to choose. The BDI people counting system or Store traffic counting system clearly presents the in/out store visitors traffic by different time period, by day, by week, by month, by quarter, by year; and it can tailored by any time period, compared by time, by stores, by area etc. Integrated with POS data and CRM system, the operator got more and deeper and effective decision-making and operation based information.

Shanghai branch store

Nanjing branch store

Tianjin branch store

Beijing branch store

Recessed mounting