Retail Operations

Understand and improve your store operations with BDI TECH’s state-of-the-art computer vision & the characteristics of image recognition and analysis technology and innovative algorithms.


Knowing how many and when people came into and out the store, how many purchased, where they went, where they stopped and how long they waited to check out or to be serviced are all vital analytics for understanding and improving store operations.

Improve Your Store Operations and Performance to Maximize Sales, Lower Costs, Staffing Optimizing and Breed Loyalty

To measure your store performance by integrating traffic volume. Sales figures alone maybe not tell the full story. By looking at the ratio of traffic to sales, retailers can accurately compare stores with low volume to stores with high volume. Stores that serve the customer well will have higher conversion rate than those that don’t. In addition, Operations can use traffic analytics to optimize staffing for the store. Having more data to drive decision about labor allocation in the store can help maximize sales conversion, minimize labor costs and enhance your customers’ experience.

Thinking with BDI TECH, Thinking with your customers.

• Analyze where your visitor / staff ratio is too low and make shifts in staff planning will boost your conversion rate, enhance your customers’ experience and breed loyalty.

• With the information our sensors provide and the staff and sales information you already have, you can detect weak spots in your daily operation and take action to drive sales

Comparing store performance just based on sales data and revenue may show your best performing stores, but it will tell you more if you add visitor information to the dataset.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing efforts with Actionable and Reliable Traffic and Sales Conversion Data

Store traffic counting, or people counting, is measuring the number of visitors to the store. The ratio of visitors who purchase to visitors is known as Sales Conversion. It is an important performance metric for all stores and specialty retail. Sales conversion is a good store-to-store comparison because it accounts for traffic volume. If one store gets high traffic and gets the same conversion as a store with low traffic, the stores are performing similarly. Their ability to convert a visitor to a customer is similar. If only traffic was considered, the high traffic store would seem to be performing better. Conversion can be measured for the store, a department or a product display. Behavior analytics or proximity analytics can be used along with Point of Sale (POS) data to measure conversion. With this knowledge, you can better plan labor schedules and reliably measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

• Why is the conversion rate higher in some stores than others?

• How are traffic patterns and conversion rates trending over time?

• How are seasonal events and marketing promotions changing the patterns?

• Compare conversion and traffic rates to employee and manager schedules to optimize customer service?

The State-of-The-Art Computer Vision Technology & Innovative Algorithms for maximum customer insight

Combined the state-of-the-art computer vision & the characteristics of image recognition and analysis technology with innovative algorithms BID SYSTECH provides the industry’s most accurate and the most reliable people counting system. Our technology correctly measure people’s behavior across a wide range of environments and volumes in a variety of space layouts to deliver accurate store metrics.

Unique and innovative head and shoulders recognition algorithms, 3 points recognition algorithms technology & Tracking

The state-of-the-art computer vision & the characteristics of image recognition and analysis technology

• Bidirectional counting, Identify the direction of travel (entering or exiting)

• Adaptation to environment (light, heat, shadows)

• Competent to High volume traffic