BDI TECH People Counting / Visitors Counting System for Tourist Attraction_HSTY

HSTY scenic area, located west Shenzhen, is China AAAA level agriculture tourism experimental scenic area. There are sightseeing, countryside gourmet, business meeting and training and accommodation and science education. It is very significant and is very popular with public for their daily entertainment, holiday, and business activities. But it is not easily and fast to know how many tourists in/out; how many still in; where they are; how many visitors today, how many yesterday, last week, last month, last quarter and how about that last year. … . What shall we do if the similar happen again? … And the operators could not align their staff and resources effectively according to the traffic changes and trends and could not effectively carry out safety guide and crowd control when it is needed. BDI TECH helps them to build a complete people counting / visitors traffic counting system to improve their operation and management and improve the area tourist experience.

For this purpose, by the BDI people counting / visitors counting sensors deployed overhead of the entrances, passageways and main buildings and the people counting software deployed at back office, and by connected with LED displayers installed at the main entrances and ticket office, it is easily, clearly and fast to know the visitors traffic situation, total number of visitors and visitors of each scenic spots, visitors traffic changes and trends etc. It provides the real-time and accurate visitors traffic counting and analyzing and as many as dozens of multidimensional and diversity reports by hour, by day, by week, by month, by quarter, by year, or tailored reports for operators to check. Access for both of PC end and mobile end supported. After BDI people/visitor counting system deployed and put into use, through the visitors traffic data comparison and analysis, the operation and management of scenic area such as ticketing, staffing, resource aligning, crowd control and tourist safety guide and service etc. improved effectively.

BDI People/Visitor Counting System Topology

Advantages and Benefits of BDI video based People/Visitor Counting System compared with the turnstiles, traditional tourist attractions people counting devices.
1, Lower costs of ownership. Installation and cabling is simple.
2, Faster pass and convenient. No need to close and open and or revolution.
3, Wider coverage. The coverage for each people counting sensor is 2~3 meters. It is 2 times of the width passageway of turnstile.
4, Lower maintenance costs. No mechanical movement. Lower fault rate.